Three Dames Dreamin' is my dream come true!

Like many, I have worked hard all of my life. I retired in 2011 from a career as a correctional officer in a maximum security prison. My husband and I built a log cabin in West Virginia where we plan to live out our lives together.

I would love to tell you how Three Dames Dreamin' LLC came to be. Grab a cup of something delicious and let me share with you just how we came to be.

Several years ago, our oldest sister, Georgia Hayes, passed away from cancer. It was a very difficult time as you can imagine! When we lost her, I became the oldest. My sisters tease me that I am the "Matriarch" of the family. In truth, I take that role very seriously. My sweet sisters live in Missouri so we are separated by about 700 miles, way too much! So, as the Matriarch, I told them that we needed a SISTERS REUNION every year...just the husbands, kids, laptops, etc. And so our story began...

Every year we would go to a different location, rent a condo or cabin and celebrate the fact God chose us to be sisters. In 2010, at a lake house in Kentucky, we decided that we needed to come up with an idea to earn a little money each year to pay for our Sisters Weekend. As we sat brainstorming, my sister Ursula said, "Look at us, we are just sitting here...three dames dreamin'." I said "What did you say? Oh, my gosh, write it down! Whatever we decide to do that's what we are going to call it!"

And so we had a name to start with. We dove into the vinyl business and have created our little niche of creating custom pieces for our awesome customers. We offer slate, granite plaques and memorials, farmhouse windows, crocks, canisters, primitives, plates, platters, coasters, wall vinyls, yard signs, banners, decals etc! We have done many commercial store front windows, we've created graphics for horse trailers, semi trucks, delivery vans...pretty much anything where vinyl can be applied!!

A Change of Plans: In July of 2014, my sisters decided they couldn't devote the time that was needed to own and operate a business such as this. They both still have careers and family at home. We talked a lot about possible solutions. I most definitely wanted to continue on because Three Dames Dreamin' is my passion! I fully understood the demands of careers and families and so it was decided that I would buy their shares of the business and continue on.

It is a beautiful thing when family can go into business together, work together and then eventually get out of business together and love each other just as much, if not more than they did before the business was formed. My sisters are still my biggest source of ideas and encouragement. They definitely are Three Dames Dreamin' cheerleaders and I couldn't be more grateful.

So, now it is just me. That brings it's own set of challenges and excitement. I wouldn't change a thing. Oh, and we still have our Sister's Weekends every year and Three Dames provides that for us. So the purpose continues even though the dynamic has changed.

UPDATE: September 1, 2018
I am moving the business and my personal home to Brevard, North Carolina. God has opened a door for me here that I never could have imagined would be possible! It is a stunningly beautiful place in the heart of the mountains. I expect creativity to abound in the peace and tranquility of this lovely, deeply forested, mountainous area.

As I experience this total life reset, I hope to add many new products and designs for your home and gift giving needs. Stay tuned to see what lies ahead!

God has blessed us and given me the desires of my heart. I thank Him every day!

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